985 Miles

While I am in no way regretting my decision, I’ve never been over winter so much in my life. Twenty some odd years of winter has me feeling some type of way walking out the house every day. So how the hell did I end up in Massachusetts in the wintertime?

My initial reason for traveling was to end up somewhere in the south for cheaper cost of living. My second biggest reason was for new experiences, new restaurants (because I’m a foodie) and new relationships. I was so naïve. However, after seeing some of those pay packages, I was unimpressed. I needed the pay package to be worth it to uproot my seemingly stable life. I was ready to be in my travel nurse bag and maximize on this coin.

I had to look at my lifestyle and be honest with myself to change my focus. Higher pay was now my top priority as long as it would be in or near a major city. I was and am currently not open to towns with extremely low minority populations. I didn’t want to put myself in situation to be discriminated against for all this melanin.

 At the time, I didn’t have my Registered Nurse license in any other states except Illinois. To avoid delaying my travel experience, my recruiter and I agreed to exclusively submit to jobs in walk through states or states where license processing typically took less than 4 weeks. A walk through state is just how it sounds, you pay a fee for your license and you’re granted a temporary license to practice immediately.

While Massachusetts wasn’t a walk through state, it only took 3 weeks or so to get my license. I agreed to submit to two hospitals in Massachusetts, one in Boston and another 50 minutes away from Boston.

In my naïve state (yet again), I didn’t think the hospital outside of Boston would actually contact me because my hopes were set on that big city vibe, but they did the very next day after submitting. I had a brief interview with the manager and she offered me the position.

At this time I had submitted to 5-7 other hospitals nationwide without any luck. Either my start date wasn’t soon enough or I wasn’t experienced enough. Just like any other field, it is said managers are looking for nurses who already have travel nurse experience.

While it was not one of my dream cities, I am very grateful for the opportunity. Not only can say I am now an experienced traveler, but this hospital is training me in advanced GI procedures. How could I say no, especially since the pay packaged matched? It ended up being a win-win, but next winter I will be somewhere warm because “I deserveeeee” in my Mama Dee voice. 


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

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