Houston Housing

Y’all remember when I said I wouldn’t be having a roommate for my future assignments?? Well my finances and I had a conversation and they determined we would definitely be in a roommate situation. 

For  this assignment I had two different airbnbs. I rented the first location for my first week of work just in case things didn’t work out. Also because the second home wasn’t available until Sunday June 30th. 

My first room was in a mother in law suite locked and closed off from the main house and it was built more like a hotel room. It had a mini fridge, a microwave and 0 cabinet space. It was in Eado (East downtown), very convenient location, but it was next to an open field and there were some big ass bugs lingering. 

If you know me, you know my phobia for bugs runs very deep. I saw about 5 different species of bugs in the apartment, it was too much. I messaged the host frequently in the 10 days I was there, but she seemed pretty much over me. She supposedly had the complex spray the apartment, but it did not help much. 

Now there weren’t just bugs constantly crawling up the walls, but I saw at least 1-2 juicy bugs a day while I was home and they were coming from under the sink not near the window or entry ways. So it was definitely concerning to me and causing serious anxiety. I tried to stay outside as long as possible, exploring. When I came home I kept all the lights on until it was time to sleep, but not without the help of benadryl and melatonin. Ever see a bug and just start itching? That’s me! 

Best believe I shook out every single article of clothing I had before I moved into my new room. Anything that was out, I washed!

The second room I found is in a cute town home with a private bathroom in the room. The house is absolutely gorgeous! It’s 4 stories, there’s a washer/dryer and garage parking spot with full access to the kitchen. It’s about 20 minutes from my job. 

The host are a young and pretty chill couple and they are renting to at least one other person who is on a separate level (I only found this out this morning, but whatever no big deal I guess). Compared to my housing in Mass this second room is a much better experience personality wise. Everybody does their own thing and we’re in similar age groups which is very helpful. 

Not to mention, this second house is surrounded by concrete, a city girls dream! Anyway prayers for me that bugs don’t come harassing me at this new location otherwise I am never coming back to Houston or the south period. This was supposed to be my permanent residence in the long run, my escape from Illinois which is not looking bad considering we don’t gigantic bugs like the south. I am so glad I took a travel assignment first to test the waters!


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

One thought on “Houston Housing

  1. Whewwww I’m so glad you got our that first place 😣😖 Houston was always a dream destination of living for me so I can’t wait to hear more about your experiences there!


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