Houston Housing Update

Houston Housing Update

So, I know on that last blog I went on a mini rant about my hatred for bugs. Typical dramatic girlie girl. I see blood and various body fluids & parts on a daily, but freak out at the site of bug *eye roll. However this new living situation is much better! I may see a bug every so often, but nothing compared to the multiple juicy bugs I saw in that first airbnb for those 10 days I stayed there. 

On to more important things. The other airbnb tenant on the third floor has since moved out and a new guy has taken his place whom I coincidentally met today (same as the last blog). The new guy is nice enough and probably mid 30s, we had an introductory conversation while in the kitchen. 

I told him I’m from Chicago and his response being “oooo I’m sorry.” Uhm, SIR! Excuse me?

My facial expression must’ve betrayed me probably for the 100th time today. Before I could even ask a follow up question he was laughing and elaborated he was speaking only of the cold months. I was definitely about to begin the fact check of why Chicago is the best, haha. 

Am I only the person who gets territorial of my home? It’s like when someone outside of your family tries to pick on your sibling. Only I can talk shit about them, not you an outsider! 

Anyway, I’m not sure if it’s less awkward because I’ve been renting a room for 6 months now or my social skills are just getting better. Hopefully the latter. Regardless, having roommates has not bothered me as much as I thought it would. For starters I spend 8-10 hours a day at work Monday – Friday and another 1-3 hours of the day commuting and running errands. On the weekends, if I’m not traveling or having a visitor, I am relaxing at a local coffee shop or having lunch/brunch for a table of one.

Looking back, I am admitting I was little spoiled and unrealistic about the housing situations of travel nursing. I was expecting to be staying in high rise,1 bedroom fully furnished apartments close to work for every contract for less than 1/4 my salary. I’m sure I will stumble upon some hidden gems as I continue, but renting a room will always be more favorable for my financial goals. 

People have been renting rooms for centuries, it’s not even a big deal. If I’m not mistaken, my own maternal grandmother rented a room in Chicago to save up when she first came from Jamaica. It’s convenient and temporary. No worries of switching over utilities or cable into your name, it’s usually included.

My enlightened and now positive stance on shared housing is just one example of the growth I have experienced while on this journey. Many examples to come, stay tuned! You can see photos of my current home below, courtesy of the airbnb host/original posting. 


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

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