Year 27: I’m Moving Different

The last 6 weeks or so leading to my birthday, I kept saying “when I turn 27 I’m acting different.” I don’t even know where this statement or idea originated from, I didn’t even know what it meant until recently, but something was shifting in my spirit and energy.

In the last six weeks I have made some pretty important decisions about my future. Everything from how much longer I will be a travel nurse, to new specialties, side hustles/prn jobs and business/investment endeavors. My end game, bigger picture or whatever you want to call it has shifted into focus. I have finally “found” whatever I was searching for in my career.

I am able to visualize it each and every day. While I’m not ready to share exactly what it is, I will say it has given me so much motivation, joy and hope to have clarity. I truly wish this feeling on everybody!

The road to achieving these goals can seem daunting or even discouraging on paper, but it beats the feelings I had of being lost. And the time is going to past regardless, might as well make my dreams come true.

Knowing where I want to go has put so many things into perspective and corrected a lot negative, impulsive and coping behaviors. For me, that was shopping, poor food choices or binge drinking (even though I still enjoy a turn up brunch or day party every now and then). These were things that brought immediate comfort or satisfaction to a much bigger and internal problem. Which can happen when you aren’t walking in your truth and attempting to fit a mold that is not for you. It’s time to make nursing work for me!

So, instead of possibly offending people by saying “I’m acting different” I am telling people “I’m moving different” in this 27th year. AKA getting my ish together, not comparing myself to others, remaining unapologetic about my journey and the sacrifices/decisions I’m making along the way. Basically it’s a forever hot girl mood.

Happy birthday to all my fellow Virgos! ♍️


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

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