Reflect on Your Minor Accomplishments Too

It’s been 5.5 years exactly since I graduated undergrad. On paper it doesn’t seem that long, but it’s evident when I scroll through my photos how many memories have been created in that time. Not to mention how the WORLD has changed since 2014. Let’s recap. Uber is popping world wide. Having your groceries delivered is now considered normal. More people than I thought have a cleaning lady which has me second guessing, why the F have I been wasting my time cleaning. Most importantly the way social media has been used has drastically changed.

With each transition of travel nurse contracts, I find myself reflecting a great deal more than I ever have. Back in April, on my personal page, I made a post with the caption:

“5 years ago I graduated with my BSN. 5 years ago I couldn’t imagine being in the position I am in now, traveling the US and getting paid to for it. 5 years ago I wasn’t giving myself permission to dream big. And 5 years ago I wouldn’t be wearing my natural fro unapologetically!”

There are times, especially in this social media era, that people don’t feel like they’re doing enough. Times where people are unintentionally comparing their journeys to someone else’s. I have definitely been guilty of this! I’m so incredibly proud of people following their dreams, whether I know them or not. On one hand it brings inspiration and motivation. On the other hand it can bring you to state of feeling stagnant, maybe feeling purposeless or like you’re missing out opportunities.

When I made the post back in April, I was feeling the latter. I had to take time to reflect and acknowledge my accomplishments no matter how minor or obvious it seemed. Wearing natural hair might not seem like a big deal to some, but to a former bundles buyer and silk press addict, it meant I was becoming more confident in my own skin. And realizing that self acceptance was a part of self love. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT!

So I ask you, whoever is reading this. What have you not giving yourself enough credit for lately? Are you in a place where you can stand proud in seemingly minor accomplishments even if it’s not “instagram worthy”?

If you’re feeling chatty, please leave a response below and share your accomplishments!!


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

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