Live for the Day, Plan for Tomorrow

This particular blog post is based on very recent conversations I’ve had with patients. It truly breaks my heart to not see people enjoying life, whatever “joy” might look like to them.

I’ve worked with so many 50+ year old patients who have chronic/serious illness that are still trying to work 40 hours a week to max out their retirement benefits. It’s always “I’ll retire in x amount years.”

Their Plan for retirement usually involves FINALLY traveling or spending time with their grandkids. On one hand I get it; they’ve spent decades at this company. What’s a few more years to make sure they get their max pension? They rarely called in sick, showed up on time, did their job with little to no complaints. They damn sure deserve the maximum money & retirement benefits! On the other hand, they might not be around to make it to retirement. Or they make it and they’re on oxygen tanks, using motorized scooters because of joint pain and too tired to travel or chase after their grandkids.

All this to say, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Obviously create a solid retirement plan when you’re young and save as much as you can, but tomorrow isn’t promised. Working in healthcare has truly taught me that time waits for no one! If you were placed on major restrictions due to health reasons right now, would you be satisfied with the life you have lived so far without those restrictions? If the answers is no, START LIVING! ❤️

We are approaching a new decade. Now is the time dust off those “crazy” ideas and find a way to make it happen.


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

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