Full Circle

If you know me, you probably know my mind works fast. One minute we’re discussing A and I’ve skipped to Z simultaneously saying and skipping all the other letters. These next series of thoughts and emotions all took place with in 7 minutes.

There was a moment (on the airplane) when we were taking a descent into San Juan PR that I decided to gaze out the window at the clear blue water from above. I was simply appreciating the beauty and allowing myself to get into vacation mode.


All of a sudden there was a rush of emotions. One minute I am admiring the beauty of the water, making a mental note to research why a tsunami is an unlikely in the Atlantic Ocean (given the recent earthquakes Puerto Rico was experiencing). The next minute tears swelled into my eyes.

It hit me, these were the same oceans my ancestors died in many years ago. The thought of how many bodies and futures were lost struck me.

The people who kidnapped and sold us couldn’t see our value all those centuries ago and some still don’t to this day. Or maybe they did see our value and were threatened. Maybe they hid their insecurities with power, using religion combined with mental physical and emotional abuse to tear down our own minds so we couldn’t see our worth.

Amazing how much we [as black Americans/people] have endured, how resilient we are, how much adversity we have over come. Amazing that we are setting back and forth across the very sea where lives were lost to travel and explore the world at our leisure.

I decided to slow my mind and say a prayer. A prayer for their souls to Rest In Peace. A prayer for their unintentional sacrifice. A prayer for their children and families they left behind. A prayer for us to make them proud. As I wrapped up my prayer I felt a calming spirit take over and all I could do is smile.


I opened my eyes to find a double rainbow form under the clouds and over the water. How beautiful. I believe that was my sign that my prayers were heard. And I can only hope I am making my ancestors proud. If you need a “why” to continue your purpose, do it for those who weren’t granted the opportunity to make their own dreams come true. ❤️

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