Thank You 2020

Twenty Twenty (yes I spelled your government name cuz you were wylin),

You’ve been a raggedy bitch, but damn did you teach me some valuable lessons.

One: it does not matter how bad life gets, it is always worth living. Some days, weeks, months and years may be bad, but take it one “are you fucking kidding me” at a time.

Two: you are not lonely. More single than a dollar bill? Perhaps. But lonely? NO. You have love all around you and don’t you forget it.

Three: don’t settle for whatever is available at the time or easily accessible. Hold out for what you deserve. It will be worth the wait.

Four: Americans are weird and selfish af. Big businesses chose money over human lives (because capitalism). The citizens in this country really showed how self centered and one track minded they can be. Don’t dwell on them, don’t try to change them.

Five: do what you gotta do to make your dreams come true. You have more than one dream. If COVID ruined/delayed one dream, pivot to the next. Put that time in sis while you still have time on your side.

Six: your intuition is powered by God, your spirit guides and ancestors, trust them. They are not going to steer you wrong. And above all, they will always welcome you back when you fall off track and get distracted by BS.

Seven: do whatever the fuck you want to do because it is YOUR life. You will deplete your energy trying to please everyone about your life decisions.

Eight: it is not your personal job to change people. They are on their own life journey and they must learn their own lessons.

To 2021, don’t play with me cuz I don’t have time. And that’s on PERIODT.


27 year old Endoscopy Travel nurse from Illinois, enjoying life and sharing my experiences as they come

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